Highly Customised

Digital Transformation &
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Help executives and companies maximise their potential in a world being positively disrupted by digital innovation

Maxential is derived from Maximum Potential (pronounced as Max-en-shl)


Help executives and companies
maximise their potential in a world being positively disrupted by digital innovation.

Maxential is derived from Maximum Potential (pronounced as Max-en-shl)

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Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to differentiate ourselves along four key factors, setting us apart from our competitors

  1. Highly customised content: For bespoke learning experiences
  2. Deep domain understanding: Our subject matter experts 
  3. Tailored learning journeys: For bespoke learning experiences
  4. Under-The-Hood and Fun: For interactive and memorable learning experiences

Deep Domain Understanding

We can help create training programmes across a wide range of topics. And we have experts with deep domain and business expertise. That’s why the learning programmes we create provide you with best-in-class knowledge and insights.

Tailored Learning Journeys

No matter how customised the training content is, people will only learn if the learning journey also is customised to suit your organisation and learner context. Then you will maximise the potential of your training investment.

Under-the Hood and Fun

Learning should be interactive, applied and fun, so that people invest their time in it, so that you get a return on your training investment. Having spent decades in the corporate environment ourselves, we understand the key need to deliver training in fresh ways! Then corporate learners enjoy the experience, retain the learning and apply it at their work.

Highly Customised Content

To make the learning highly relevant to your business and learner context, we put in a lot of effort to customise the content for you. We can design around the strategic frameworks, internal best practices and terminologies your teams are familiar with. And customise the language as well. No ‘off-the-shelf’/ generic training for our clients.


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Hear From Some of Our Satisfied Clients


Maxential has provided Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and Change Management consulting and training to more than 15,000 professionals around the world


Go to bed smarter than you woke up - Charlie Munger
Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime - Lao Tzu
Strive for ITBE- Inspired Thinking, Brilliantly Executed - Maxential
Our learning design principle: Simplicity on the far side of complexity is far more valuable than on the near side of complexity - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Encourage an obligation to dissent - McKinsey & Co
Focus deeply on clients...Clients who love you will market you more powerfully than you can market yourself - Jeanne Bliss
Chase insights, not technology - Maxential


Maxential is proud of the way we have created an ever-expanding and multi-skilled network of experts around the world to help our clients.

Headed by Taru Jain, our Founder and CEO, the strength of our model is that we bring in the specific skillsets needed to meet a wide range of requests from our clients. That’s why our service offering is not limited by the skills of a fixed team. Instead, we stay deeply client-centric and bring in the required skills from around the world to create very customised training programs relevant to different business sectors, countries and languages.