Selection of topics on which we have trained Leaders & Practitioners

For marketers and leaders to successfully engage consumers in an increasingly digital world, there are



that help them become future-ready.

These are



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At Maxential, we have helped many large businesses train their teams across these 4S skills to help them maximise their potential.

The first “S” is Scientist Behaviour. It’s extremely important for a marketer today to be able to analyse patterns of behaviour from data and derive powerful insights. So we have trained on several topics related to this.

And then marketers have to use those data-driven insights to create sharper strategies, which naturally leads to the second “S”, which is to become a good Strategist. This will help them connect the insights to create strong marketing and business plans.

That is all theory till you activate a strategy, which brings the third “S” into picture, which is Story Builders. This is a marketer’s ability to create and evolve compelling content, stories and brand experiences that help translate the strategy into action.

However, if those stories and experiences are unable to meet the consumer where they are, at the moment they are most likely to engage, then the entire Scientist, Strategist, and Storybuilder capability set will come to nothing.

Therefore, the fourth “S” becomes critical, i.e. Socialisers.This is the capability of marketers to know how to use the multiple channels to effectively engage your consumers throughout the journey.


Organised by the 4S framework, a small selection of training topics we have customised for our clients are: