Learning should be interactive, applied and fun, so that people invest their time in it, so that you get a return on your training investment. Having spent decades in the corporate environment ourselves, we understand the key need to deliver training in fresh ways! Then corporate learners enjoy the experience, retain the learning and apply it at their work

We take pride in making complex topics
simpler, practical and fun to learn

Clients tell us they particularly enjoy


we employ

Clients tell us they particularly enjoy


we employ

in our digital marketing and transformation trainings


Take learners “under-the-hood"

Taking learners ‘under-the-hood’ gives them a strong foundational understanding of the technology, demystifies the tools and platforms that they spend a lot of marketing dollars on

Once they experience how platforms are set up, understand how practitioners (e.g. agencies) use these technologies, a lightbulb moment occurs!

Learners can then lead marketing efforts more strategically, brief agencies better, ask sharper questions…. feel more confident in directing marketing investments and teams 


We have created under the hood experiences for several topics


Making it fun and gamified

Executives get bored easily. We've been there so we get it. That's why we have a strong emphasis on making our trainings interactive and gamified

We like operating on a design philosophy that approximately every 5 minutes, learners should be ‘doing’ something other than listening passively. And we have a large bag full of engagement techniques and tools to achieve this in any format of training; be it asynchronous online learning, synchronous online learning, or synchronous in-person trainings


Fun creates positive energy and drives better results – so please insist on it ☺


Unlocking collaborative learning

We help learners share with each other; help maximise each others' potential

 We employ many techniques to do this


For example for a global insurance business, we set up group projects that people across countries collaborated on. We used a combination of technologies like online breakout rooms, remote whiteboards and social channels

For a pharmaceutical client with strict regulations and compliances, learners collaborated using the company’s approved internal forums


The methods can vary; key is to unlock this collaboration to strengthen the learning program